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  • How often should I brush and floss my teeth? +

    Brushing and flossing helps control the bacteria and plaque that builds up in your mouth and can cause gum disease and tooth decay. If plaque is not removed it will begin to destroy bone and gums. It’s best to brush at least twice a day especially before going to bed at night. And like it or not, you need to floss every day!
  • How often should I go to the dentist? +

    A rumor was started in a simple Pepsodent jingle back in 1927 that told people to see their dentist twice a year. People took the toothpaste maker’s word for it. Technically, however, if you have a healthy mouth, you only need to see us once a year. If you have gum disease, though, it’s best to get care 4 times a year. It depends on the patient, not on the jingle.
  • How can I tell if I have gingivitis or gum disease? +

    Well, there’s no quick answer here and you probably don’t want to take dental classes to learn all there is to know, so you’re best bet is to make an appointment if you have red, swollen gums, your gums are bleeding, you have new spaces between your teeth or you see pus around your teeth and gums. Receding gums, tenderness around them, and loose teeth can also indicate a problem, so just make an appointment and let us figure out what’s going on!
  • Are silver fillings safe? +

    The general consensus is that amalgam (silver) fillings are safe. Along with the ADA’s position, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization, the FDA, and others support the use of silver fillings as safe, durable, and cost effective. The U.S. Public Health Service says that the only reason not to use silver fillings is when a patient has an allergy to any component of this type of filling. The ADA has had fewer than 100 reported incidents of an allergy to components of silver fillings, and this is out of countless millions of silver fillings over the decades. But if you’re still worried, there are options like a composite material that matches the color of your teeth and porcelain fillings. Just talk it over with us and we’ll show you what’s available.
  • Are dental x-rays safe? +

    Even though we get exposed to damaging radiation every day through the sun, minerals in the soil, and even the appliances in our homes, we still worry extra about the effects of an x-ray. And that’s a good thing, because that means we are aware enough to protect ourselves and it also means that advances in technology are consistently encouraged. Today’s x-ray machines have limited radiation beams and require less time for exposure, and there are laws in place to make sure that machines are checked for accuracy and safety every year or two.
  • I (my child, my spouse, my great Uncle Duke) have a fear of going to the dentist. What should I do? +

    First off, know you’re not alone. At Westgate Family Dental your comfort truly is our passion. We’ve invested time, money, and resources into developing a program that considers your comfort at all times and each person’s unique levels of ease. The key is to talk with us about whatever you’re feeling; while making an appointment or in the middle of one. You might not know exactly what you need to feel better, but it’s likely that we do. You just have to let us know if you’re not comfortable and what’s making you feel that way.
  • I’m worried I can’t afford dental care. What options do you have? +

    We work with most insurance providers to make the cost of your dental care as affordable as possible. We are happy to file your insurance claims and reimbursements for you. To make payment easy we accept checks, cash or credit cards. We also offer flexible payment plans. To discuss options, please talk with our Financial Coordinator. For those times when dental care just isn’t in the budget, we are proud to introduce you to CareCredit. This no interest card has low monthly payments and can be used to cover what your insurance doesn’t. It can also be used for LASIK, veterinary services, cosmetic procedures, and hearing aids. We’ll walk you through the simple and instant approval process in our office. Just ask! To learn more visit

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