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What is a “Partial?”

It’s a dental device used to address different problems:

  • Replaces missing teeth
  • Prevents teeth from shifting
  • Aids in cavity prevention
  • Gives Periodontal Disease a run for it’s money
  • Helps you chew better
  • Improves your appearance

Food tends to collect around your partial. Make sure to brush and floss. Soak your partial every night to prevent it from shrinking or it won’t fit correctly. Wear your denture every single day! Missing even a few days can cause your teeth to shift and then your partial isn’t going to fit. If you get sore spots or experience any other abnormal pain or bleeding, call us.

What’s the down side?

Yes, there is one, but the good news is, it’s only temporary. Your partial may feel bulky to you at first. That’s going to increase saliva in your mouth. It might trigger your gag reflex and trip your tongue up a bit when you talk, too. You WILL adjust to these changes quickly, though. With time and practice you’ll be eating like a pro in no time. And smiling just for the heck of it!