What’s With the Birds?

What’s Up With the Birds?

So how exactly does a great blue heron end up in a logo
for a dental practice?

Dr. Ted explains:
“It all started almost 25 years ago, when we were looking for a way to tell the world that dental care can be relaxed and comfortable, and that we were committed to doing it. Having grown up sailing with my family on the Maumee River and Lake Erie, I always found seascapes and beach scenes very relaxing, and so wanted to incorporate it in our logo. However, early drafts seemed somehow lacking, and missing something important. The artist suggested some wildlife might be the key, and several draft ideas were considered. Finally, a rendition with a Great Blue Heron on a beach appeared, and we knew we had found the right direction.

Very soon after, it seemed that many of the artists that exhibited at the Crosby Arts Festival, the Ann Arbor Arts Festivals, and other art shows and festivals, all simultaneously discovered the Great Blue Heron as a great subject for their artwork. So I started bringing a few into the office, and then a few more, and then some more were given to me, and then, well, I kind of went overboard!

Those in the know now laughingly refer to it as the “Heron Adoption Project.”

As much as he loves the relaxing, beautiful art, Dr Ted is even more committed to all the other details that make your dentistry comfortable. So, at your next visit, enjoy some renditions of this peculiar bird, and find your favorite!

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